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All scientists agree, The Big Five is the dominant personality model. Thousands of well documented research papers prove that.

This website was created by educators to help you understand yourself using the Big Five. Please enjoy our free tests and useful resources for all aspects of your life!


A Brief History of The Big Five

100 Years Ago, curiosity prompted researchers to begin compiling the words we humans use to describe each other. They started in the dictionary. The list was 12,000 words.

50 Years Ago, advances in computing and statistics allowed researchers to correlate these words to one another and boil down the list...

20 Years Ago, sharing their findings in academic journals, researchers found these words could be organized into five personality dimensions: "The Big Five"

Today, any and all researchers, academics, and scientists use the Big Five when they want to measure, understand, and explain individual human behavior.

The problem is most people don't know about the Big Five or how to use it to improve their lives.

The Founders of this Website

Standing on the shoulders of giants, our mission is to...

Educate and spread awareness of Big Five Personality by making it more practical and useful for everyone.


John bridges the academic world and the real world to ensure Big Five is accessible to everyone. 


Sean uses his entrepreneurial success to help make sure personality becomes synonymous with Big Five.


Evan applies his hands-on teaching experience to help individuals and groups leverage the Big Five for success.

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