Step One

Click on the "PRISM-OCEAN" tab and look at the color-coded table. 

Step Two

Scan the table. Which words do you most identify with? 

Step Three

Click on these words in the tabs to read about yourself.


Being Practical means you use existing information, and take conventional approaches.

You like well-known, established ideas. You focus on facts, and what already exists. You’re interested in what things do, rather than design or style. You notice the outer world, more than inner thoughts and feelings. You stick with familiar activities.


Being Open means you seek more information, and try new approaches.

You like learning about theoretical or abstract ideas. You’re interested in what might exist, but doesn’t yet. You become absorbed in beauty, art or music. You explore inner thoughts and feelings. You seek out new activities you haven’t done before.


Being Responsive means you respond to inner urges, and to opportunities in the world around you.

You’re motivated by how you want to feel, more than by future achievement. You work in bursts, driven by inner desires or outer deadlines. You focus on keeping options open, and avoiding details. You do what’s important to you, rather than what’s expected of you. You make decisions as you go along. 


Being Conscientious means you work to control yourself, and the world around you.

You’re motivated by what you want to achieve, so you set goals for the future. You work consistently, driven by a desire to avoid distractions and finish the job. You focus on details, keeping things structured and scheduled. You do what’s expected, follow rules and respect authority. You make decisions in advance.


Being Introverted means you like to engage with only a few people, and take an unhurried approach to life.

You tend to spend time alone, or with people you know. You may keep others at a distance. You keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself. You take things at your own speed. You appreciate peaceful places and activities.


Being Extraverted means you love to engage with many people, and take an energetic approach to life.

You enjoy interacting with others, whether you know them or not. Forming connections makes you feel good. You speak up when you’re with people or groups. You stay busy and active. You get a thrill from loud or colorful environments.


Being Strong-Minded means you tend to pursue your own outcomes, and you think others should do the same.

You’re wary of others’ intentions. You believe people need to be responsible for themselves. You’re willing to fight for what you want. You’re selective when sharing information. You may think you’re better than others.


Being Agreeable means you tend to think about other people, and you pursue shared outcomes.

You believe others have good intentions. You feel for those who are in need. You’re willing to compromise with others. You’re upfront when sharing information. You don’t think you’re better than other people.


Being Mellow means you’re not usually on the lookout for problems.

You don’t expect much to go wrong. You tend to think things have been going well. You’re not sensitive to demanding situations. You’re patient with life’s irritations. You resist cravings, or don’t feel them strongly.


Being Nervous means you tend to be on the lookout for problems, or reacting to them.

You know what could easily go wrong. You notice when things haven’t been going well. You’re sensitive to demanding situations. You can get annoyed with life’s irritations. You tend to give in to your cravings.